Happy Thanksgiving 11-25-2021










Kind Notes from our family council meeting on November 10, 2021.  We appreciate our families, residents, staff, volunteers, etc. and are
so thankful they are part of our community.


  • The overwhelming opinion was that the Oak Meadows facility and staff are exceptional.  Some of the quotes/comments:
  • Top notch staff
  • Aides are great, kind, compassionate and try to engage tenants
  • Nursing is helpful and responsive; Elizabeth very good and follows up frequently with family
  • Consistency of care and staff since Deb has been in charge is great; try hard to recruit good staff
  • The activities available help the residents to interact with each other, and the activities engage the residents
  • Family was very impressed with how well the staff knows the residents
  • The staff is doing “the best they possibly could” given the current environment of staffing shortages in this facility (as well as everywhere in the country!)
  • NO institutional feel-feels like a family, like home
  • No place compares to the facility (some had searched other facilities before coming here, as well as visit other facilities now)
  • Atmosphere is great
  • Bright and cheery
  • Best choice BY FAR
  • Nursing has invited family to be part of the care discussion-what a great positive!
  • Staff cares-go above and beyond what is expected
  • Kitchen staff “like a big family” they know and interact with tenants consistently
  • FUN parties for tenants!  People have loved the art classes, choir/bells/music, trips to casino and ice castle in past, outings for lunches, etc.