Parking Lot and Covid-19 Update, 7-16-21

To:          Oak Meadows staff, tenants & families

From:     Deb Veit

Date:     July 15th, 2021

Re:         COVID update and new parking lot information



Dear Oak Meadows staff, tenants and families,


COVID testing:  I have been notified that we are no longer required to do COVID testing of tenants on a regular schedule. But I would encourage all tenants and staff if they experience any symptoms related to COVID that they seek to get tested immediately.






Please remember that the MN Department of Health has not yet lifted COVID guidelines for senior living communities yet.



ALL visitors must have their temperature taken before going to visit any of our tenants.  Everyone must have masks on while in the building.



  • We hope to allow guests to dine in our dining room soon but not quite yet. MDH has still not lifted the restrictions on dining. I will let you know as soon the CDC opens up dining options. If you want to dine with your family you are welcome to do it in your apartment or out on one of our lovely patios.



Important Message regarding our new parking lot:


  • Repaving the entire main parking lot begins on Wed. July 21st. Right now the plan is that it will be completed and striping done by July 24th. During this time the lot will be completely closed off to everyone.  It will not reopen until Monday July 26th.
  • See below for detailed instructions for tenants, staff, visitors and deliveries. Please read very carefully as it will be critical to have everyone’s cooperation with this event. We fully understand how inconvenient this will be but it will all be worth it in the end. And remember we just went through a full year plus of COVID restrictions. This will be much easier than that. We can do this!
  • We have spoken with Guardian Angels Church who is generously letting us use their lot for parking.
  • Please remember we are at the mercy of contractors and weather. So, if rain happens this whole schedule could change.


If you have any questions please contact me.


Deborah Veit, Executive Director






  • If you don’t need to go anywhere for 4-5 days then I would suggest staying home! You can pull up a chair and watch the workers pave our new lot!
  • If you park your car in the garage and you plan to use your car during these 5 days you will need to move it to the Guardian Angels parking lot.
  • Stock up on groceries prior to the 21st.




  • All visitors may use the parking lot on the south side of the building. We are reserving that space totally for visitors. But keep in mind there are only 12 parking spots in that lot and we have all of our deliveries coming to that door as well.
  • A map is attached with directions on how to get to that parking lot.
  • Once in the building there will be signs and arrows guiding you to the Ponds and the Pines buildings.
  • Please try to limit visits to help us have enough parking spots for all visits.




  • ALL staff must park at Guardian Angels Church parking lot. It is a very easy walk from the lot through the cemetery to Oak Meadows.
  • Special Note: Evening (2pm-10pm) staff who work until 9:30pm or 10pm. Deb Veit will pick you up at the loading dock area at 9:30pm and 10pm all 5 nights to give you a ride to your car at Guardian Angels church. We do not want you to have to walk in the dark alone.  All overnight staff may park in the loading dock parking lot.




  • ALL deliveries will need to enter through the loading dock door at our south entrance.  We have been giving drivers notices of this change all this week. There will be signs on 4th St at our entrance indicating this information as well.
  • We will have a person at the loading dock door from 11am to 5pm on all 5 days, accepting all deliveries and then bringing them to their perspective locations.



  • Emergency vehicles will have access to our building on Wednesday only. But Thursday through Sunday they will also have to go to the loading dock entrance. They will have easy access to two elevators to get them to the floors they need to get to.