Covid Update 04-16-21

To:          Oak Meadows staff, tenants & families

From:     Deb Veit

Date:     April 16th ,    2021

Re:         COVID update


Dear Oak Meadows staff, tenants and families,


COVID testing: All results from our COVID testing this past week have remained negative. At this point we are testing 20% of assisted living tenants every other week.  Our next Ponds tenants and Oak Meadows staff testing will be the April 28th, exact time is not yet determined.



Visitors:  According to State guidelines we can now allow all visitors inside with the following guidelines:



  • Everyone must enter at the Pines main door and get their temperature and wellness checked by the receptionist.  Do NOT enter at the Ponds before following this procedure.
  • We ask that you keep group visits less than 4 people at a time unless you are outdoors.
  • If you have been exposed to or had COVID within the past 14 days please do not visit our tenants.
  • All visits must take place in the tenant apartment. At this time, we do not want visitors in the common areas or wandering halls.



Everyone:  Please remember to always wear your masks, maintain social distance and wash your hands.   Any tenants who leave the building please use all COVID precautions when out in public.




Important Messages:



  • Now that our dining room has reopened we need to remind folks that if you choose not to come to the dining room for your meal and would like a tray delivered to your apartment you MUST notify the dining room by 11am for lunch and 4pm for dinner. You are not guaranteed to receive a tray delivered if you call later than those times.
  • Remember that we no longer have staff available to deliver packages to your apartment. So please do not have groceries delivered and left at our entrances in case there are perishable items that require immediate delivery. We will do out best to assist but you may need to come to the entrance to pick up your items.



If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime.




 Deb Veit, Executive Director




Deborah Veit

Deborah Veit, Executive Director

Oak Meadows Senior Living

8131 4th St. N

Oakdale, MN  55128