Covid-19 update 01-28-21

To:          Oak Meadows staff, tenants & families

From:     Deb Veit

Date:     January 28th  ,  2021

Re:        COVID update and vaccination forms



Dear Oak Meadows staff, tenants and families,



We will be testing again next week. We will begin with staff at 8:00am and then going to tenant apartments in the Ponds beginning around 9:00am.



COVID testing in the Ponds and for Oak Meadows Staff


February 3rd , 2021

 8:00am to 11:30am


After Feb 3rd we will then begin testing in the Ponds and Oak Meadows staff every other week, instead of every week.  Pines testing will be a percentage of staff and tenants each week. I will keep you posted if this changes.



Please continue to follow our COVID policies at Oak Meadows for social distancing, wearing masks and frequent hand washing. The CDC and MDH guidelines are indicating that even with being vaccinated we will need to follow precautions until at least 75% of the population has been vaccinated.



Second COVID vaccination clinic will be:


February 11th from 9am to 3pm.

Community Room


Please note: Mary Beckman, DHS, is filling out all paperwork for Pines tenants.



Staff and Ponds tenants will need to fill out the consent form with insurance info, BIN# and medicare number.

Complete Sections A-1, A-2, and C

Return forms to me by Feb. 3rd



If you have not yet had the first vaccine dose but would like to get it, you may come to this clinic to receive your first vaccination. There will be a 3rd clinic in March to receive the second vaccination for those needing it. But please indicate on the form when you turn it in that this will be your first vaccination.



If you have questions please feel free to email or call me. Remember ALL forms must be turned in by Feb 3rd.




Deb Veit, Executive Director