Covid-19 Update 12-24-20

To:          Oak Meadows tenants & families

From:     Deb Veit

Date:     December 24th,  2020

Re:         COVID update


Dear Oak Meadows tenants and families,


Merry Christmas everyone!


COVID update:  Our results from Tuesdays COVID test are all negative. What a wonderful Christmas present for us! Keep up the great work you are all doing to stay safe. I still do not have a date for the vaccine to come to us but I feel pretty certain it will be sometime in January.


IMPORTANT: Ponds Tenants and Oak Meadows staff testing: Tuesday, December 29th beginning at 8:00am. Staff will test first and then we will go to all tenant apartments beginning around 9:00am. We will likely continue weekly testing until sometime after the holidays. I will keep you posted.


We are continuing to allow Essential Caregivers in to the building but please remember that all inside visitors are asked to stay in the tenant apartment and not wander in other parts of the building. Our tenants are out and about in the building and we want to reduce their exposure to outside people as much as possible.


Anyone who is thinking of going out of Oak Meadows for Christmas please remember to follow the Governors guidelines. No more than 2 households for inside visits. That means that you, the tenant, are considered 1 household and the home you are going to would be the 2nd household. If there are family members coming from a 3rd household to that gathering then you have now exceeded the recommended guidelines and are taking a risk of getting and spreading COVID.


I know this will be a tough holiday season but we just have to hang in there. We are seeing light at the end of this dark tunnel. We just have to stay diligent about being careful and following those 3 simple rules:

  1. Wear your mask anytime you are around ANYONE!
  2. Stay 6 feet apart from ANYONE!
  3. Wash your hand often!


If you have questions you can email or call me.  Blessings everyone and have a very Merry Christmas.




Deb Veit, Executive Director