Covid-19 Update 12-16-20


Date:     December 16th,   2020


Re:        COVID update




Dear Oak Meadows tenants and families,



COVID update:  I am happy to report that all COVID test results for both the Ponds and the Pines tenants and all staff have come back negative. It is wonderful to report this good news. So we have now had two consecutive weeks of negative tests. This means Essential Caregivers will now be allowed to come back in to the building. It also means tenants may move around freely in the building. But we will need to continue to limit the number of visitors coming in to the building. You may call me with questions about visitors.


Sadly we did lose another tenant this past Monday. All other tenants and staff who tested positive for COVID have recovered and are off of isolation.


Our news today is good but that does not mean we are out of the woods yet, especially with the holidays one week away and a vaccine a few weeks away. We must continue to take every precaution possible to avoid another outbreak like the one Oak Meadows just endured. Governor Walz spoke yesterday and below is part of his new Executive Order for the next few weeks.

The new order, which will take effect at midnight Saturday, replaces a four-week pause that closed bars, restaurants, fitness clubs and entertainment venues. It allows gyms to open with caps of 100 people or 25% of their capacity; youth sports to resume practices but not games on Jan. 4; and indoor group gatherings to involve up to two households and no more than 10 people. People can gather outdoors with no more than three households and 15 people. The prior pause discouraged gatherings outside of immediate household members.”


I encourage you to take note that he is recommending no more than 2 households, less than 10 people at any indoor gatherings. Anyone who is thinking of going out of Oak Meadows for Christmas please follow these guidelines. 2 households means that you, the tenant, are considered 1 household and the home you are going to would be the 2nd household. If there are family members coming from a 3rd household to that gathering then you have now exceeded the recommended guidelines and are taking a risk of getting and spreading COVID. Gov. Walz is extending the pause for indoor dining which means restaurants will continue to only allow curbside pickup, no inside dining. We will continue to keep our dining room closed for the next weeks.


If you have questions you can email or call me.  We have been a strong team for the past 10 months and now we need to be even stronger. Please continue to wear your masks anytime you are around ANYONE, stay 6 feet apart from ANYONE and wash your hands A LOT. Blessings everyone.




Deb Veit, Executive Director