Covid-19 update on 11-13-2020


To:          Oak Meadows tenants & families

From:     Deb Veit

Date:     November 13th,   2020

Re:         COVID  weekly update



Dear Oak Meadows tenants and families,


Yes, it is Friday the 13th!  I have good news that we are again COVID free at Oak Meadows.  But sadly the numbers of positive cases in MN and in Washington County are rapidly increasing. So we are going to need to do everything we can to keep our COVID free status here at Oak Meadows. We must continue to use our careful practices and follow State guidelines.


The MN Department of Health requires that facilities must be COVID free for 28 days and also the county we are in must have less than 5% positivity rate in order to allow inside visits. Right now Washington County is at a 6.7% positivity rate and numbers are increasing. What that means for us is that our hopes to open up for more visiting on November 16th will need to be delayed for a bit. We will continue to allow Essential Caregiver visits and Compassion Care visits. We will watch the positivity rate daily to see when it goes down and as soon as it does I will let you know. Please call me if you have questions about this.


The State has encouraged all of us to limit visits during the holiday season and keep gatherings very small while maintaining social distance and wearing masks. The holidays are going to be very different for all of us this year but at Oak Meadows we are fortunate to have each other. As long as we stay COVID free we can continue to visit with each other in the lobby areas and staff will work hard to keep you entertained!


Also a reminder that only 1-2 visitors may be in your apartment at a time.  For the safety of our tenants and staff we ask that you do not have more than that. Make sure to wear masks at all times and maintain a 6 foot social distance. Limit outings and avoid large groups. This is a crucial time for all of us to try to reduce the spread of this virus.


The holidays are right around the corner. Please remember that we cannot allow any live wreaths or Christmas trees in the building. That is fire code for apartment buildings. Also remember that Oak Meadows staff are not allowed to accept any individual gifts from tenants.


On Thanksgiving day our dining staff will be delivering a lovely turkey dinner to ALL tenants from 11am to approximately 1pm. The evening meal for Pines tenants will be a box lunch.




Deb Veit, Executive Director