Covid-19 Update 10-30-2020

To:         Oak Meadows Families, Tenants and Friends

From:     Deb Veit

Date:     October 30th, 2020

Re:         COVID-19 Update – Oak Meadows Website :



Dear Oak Meadows Families, Tenants and friends,


Greetings all and Happy Halloween!


I have received the results of our COVID tests for Ponds tenants from this past Wednesday and all tests are negative.  Today all Pines tenants are being tested again. We will know results early next week. So the good news for the week, so far, is that we have no new positive cases!


The not so good news is that in MN the positive cases are rising. For us at Oak Meadows that means we must continue to be very cautious about how many visitors we allow in to the building and what activities we open up. Small group activities, like card groups, may meet together as long as everyone wears their masks. We will continue to do some small group activities as long as we stay COVID free. We are going to continue to deliver meals to apartments and hold off a bit longer on opening up the dining room. I know everyone is anxious to dine together but we want to make sure we can keep everyone safe before opening the dining up.


Please remember that ALL visitors must check in at the Pines (Assisted Living) lobby. The MN Department of Health requires that we do a health check with every person that comes to our building. That includes anyone just dropping off groceries at the Ponds entrance. It was brought to my attention that there have been people coming in to the Ponds entrance or dropping things off. They must make sure to first check in at the Pines entrance. It is very important that we have all guests recorded for contact tracing purposes.


As always, remember to wear your masks, social distance and wash hands frequently!


If you have questions, please call or email me anytime.



Deb Veit, Executive Director