Covid-19 update 10-23-2020

To:         Oak Meadows Tenants, staff and families

From:     Deb Veit

Date:     October 23rd    ,   2020

Re:         COVID-19 Update – Oak Meadows Website :



Dear Oak Meadows tenants, staff and families,


Unfortunately, we just got word that two staff have tested positive for COVID. So far, the two staff have no symptoms. All potentially exposed tenants and staff are being tested.  But due to having two positive cases the State requires us to treat it as an outbreak. 


  • We will need to close the beauty salon again for two weeks.
  • Tenants will not be able to attend any in person worship services for two weeks.
  • I will be scheduling another testing date for all Ponds tenants. I will let you know when that will be.


Again we will need to delay allowing more visitors into our building until November 16th.  Please read below. We will continue to allow Essential Caregivers in the building at this time unless something changes.


Beginning November 16th we will be allowing some visits in to the building based on Dept. of Health guidelines. What this will look like:


  • We will continue to not have any large group gatherings until the Dept of Health opens up their recommendations for group gatherings.
  • We must be COVID free for 28 days and the county rates must remain low in order for these inside visits to happen.
  • Visits from family will need to be no more than 2 guests at a time and please try to keep visits on the shorter side.
  • All visitors must always check in at the reception desk to sign in, verify they have no symptoms and to get their temperature checked.
  • Everyone must wear a mask at ALL times. When visiting in your apartment and when in our halls.
  • All guests must go directly to your apartment for the visit.
  • Please remember that this could change if we get another positive COVID case.



If you have questions please call or email me anytime.



Deb Veit, Executive Director