Covid-19 Updated June 12, 2020

Oak Meadows continues to remain clear of any positive COVID-19 cases. We have been fortunate so far. Our plans are to continue using necessary precautions to try to keep us COVID free. But that means as things begin to reopen we are going to need to be even more vigilant about protecting ourselves from unnecessary exposure. Here are some guidelines we are asking our tenants and family members to continue to follow and some areas we are now opening up.


We continue to ask you to wear masks anytime you are out of your apartment. You may go outdoors for fresh air with your mask on. All visitors are required to wear masks outdoors also.


At this time we are not able to resume group activities but we are working on a plan to open our dining room up sometime in July. This is of course dependent on us remaining COVID Free. Stay tuned for details!


We discourage our tenants from going to restaurants, stores, churches, salons, people’s homes and public places where you increase your risk of exposure to COVID.


Doctor and dental appointments are necessary so it is okay to go out to appointments but make sure to take proper precautions.


We will continue to allow only essential visits in to the building. You may call me anytime with questions regarding essential visits. Please do not have family come in to our building without prior authorization. It is important that everyone gets their temp checked and that we have a record of who has been in the building in case we do get a positive COVID case.


Our hair salon will be opening back up on June 16th. Carol and Bonnie will both be coming back and we have a new barber starting sometime in June.  I will let you know the date soon.


If during these summer months you plan to travel anywhere please let us know.


I want to assure everyone that we are following CDC, CMS and MN Department of Health guidelines for senior living communities. This virus is going to be with us for a while so we all must do the best we can to stay safe, to prevent anyone from getting sick and to live the best way we know how under the circumstances.  So I encourage you all to get fresh air, maintain physical distance between people and wear your masks.


Thank you again for your cooperation and please call me anytime you have questions.




~ Deb Veit, Executive Director