Covid-19 Updated June 6, 2020

Dear Oak Meadow tenants and families,



Oak Meadows continues to remain clear of any positive COVID-19 cases. All of the staff at Oak Meadows are grateful to each of you for complying with our COVID protocol and working hard to keep us safe from this virus. I know it is hard to restrict the things we normally are free to do. And as things in MN begin to reopen it becomes more challenging. But according to all MN Department of Health and CDC guidelines this is what we need to do to continue to prevent the virus from spreading in our building. We must remain cautious and vigilant about wearing masks, restricting too many people into our building and determining when we will start to reopen here as well.



We continue to ask you to wear masks anytime you are out of your apartment. We are only allowing essential visits into the building. Please call me if you have questions about essential visits. You may go outdoors for fresh air with your mask on. And all visitors are required to wear masks outdoors as well, but guests do not need to have their temp checked if they stay outside. Please do not go to large stores, grocery stores or any public places where you risk exposing yourself.



Update on our Salon at Oak Meadows. As I stated last week Carol will be starting on June 16th. You can call her directly to schedule an appointment. Her number is 651-270-0178. Bonnie has decided to return on June 18th. You can schedule your appointment with her by calling her number, 612-590-8359. Our new barber, Lori, will be starting sometime the end of June. I will let you know an exact date soon. Please remember that everyone will need to have an appointment, no walk-ins are allowed. We must have limited people in the shop at a time so you can only come at your scheduled time. Please DO NOT go to an outside salon or barbershop. Even though they will be reopening the risks increase for you when there are so many people going to shops.



I understand that some churches are beginning to reopen and begin in person worship services again. At this time, I would discourage any tenants from going outside of Oak Meadows to a worship service. I will keep you posted as this changes.



I am grateful to everyone who calls me to ask questions and confirm doctor appointments. It helps us to know these details so that if we do get a positive case here we will be able to track where it might have come from.



Thank you again for your cooperation and please call me anytime you have questions.




~ Deb Veit, Executive Director