Covid-19 Updated May 29, 2020



Dear Oak Meadows  tenants and families,


I am pleased to report again this week that Oak Meadows remains clear of any positive COVID-19 cases. I know that is always good news to hear but I want to also stress that it does not mean we are out of the woods yet. Positive cases continue to climb in MN and more nursing homes and assisted living communities are added to the list with positive cases daily. As things in MN begin to reopen that does not mean that everything will reopen for us at Oak Meadows. We must remain cautious and vigilant about wearing masks, restricting too many people in to our building and determining when we will start to reopen here as well.



Right now not much is changing. We continue to ask you to wear masks anytime you are out of your apartment. We are only allowing essential visits in to the building. You may call me to determine what is essential. You may go outdoors for fresh air with your mask on. And all visitors are required to wear masks outdoors as well but do not need to have their temp checked if they stay outside. Please do not go to large stores or any public places where you risk exposing yourself.



One bit of exciting news! We do plan to reopen the beauty/barber shop. Carol will be starting back on June 16th.  Bonnie is planning to return on July 2nd. I will keep you posted on how Bonnie will schedule appts.  Our present Barber, Gary, has made the decision to retire. We do have a new barber starting with us. Her name is Lori. Stay tuned for her start date. To get an appointment with Carol you will need to call her phone number, 651-270-0178.  Everyone will need to have an appointment, no walk-ins are allowed. We must have limited people in the shop at a time so you can only come at your scheduled time. Please DO NOT go to an outside salon or barbershop. Even though they will be reopening the risks are too great for you to go there.



I also want to address the horrific events of this past week beginning with the death of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman. We are all very saddened by this tragedy. The policeman lives in Oakdale so there have been protests not only in Minneapolis but in St. Paul and right here in Oakdale. Yesterday we saw horrible events of burning and looting buildings all over both cities and suburbs. It is very sad and concerning. I want to assure all tenants and families that Oak Meadows has an emergency preparedness plan in place for any situation that may cause danger to our tenants. So please know we are safe and secure and I have been assured that the Oakdale police department would respond to any emergency at our building.




We are a strong team at Oak Meadows and we will get through these challenging times. Your Oak Meadows staff are here for you and care about each and every one of you.





~ Deb Veit, Executive Director