Covid-19 Updated May 8, 2020

As of today we are still free of any positive COVID-19 cases here at Oak Meadows. Thank you to each of you and your families for all of your cooperation following our shelter in place policies. You are helping to keep us all safe. I also know how difficult it is to not see your friends and family. It is hard for all of us. My heart wants to let everyone come in to our building but my brain tells me we must be careful. If you watch the news I am sure you see there are many senior living communities that have had positive cases. It is not that those places did anything wrong, it just happens. This is a vicious virus and we want to do all that we can to prevent anyone here from getting sick. We need to work together as a team!



Please read below for our Oak Meadows policies as we continue to shelter in place.


  • Always wear your mask when not in your apartment, even when outside. If you need more masks let us know as we do have extras.


  • You can go outside to the patios in the Community Room and Multi Purpose rooms or the Memory Garden in front of the Pines entrance or outside the Ponds entrance. But please DO NOT sit at the Pines entrance. There is a tremendous amount of people coming and going at that entrance so we want to limit your exposure to others.



  • Remember to stay 6 feet from all other people.


  • Continue to stay away from large stores and large groups.



  • We are still unable to have communal dining and activities. Meals are being delivered to apartments.


  • We will continue to limit visitors in to our building. Please call me if you need to have a family member come to your apartment for anything or picking you up for a doctor appointment.



  • Remember to keep you black bag hanging outside of your apartment door. Your mail should be kept private and putting it in the black bag keeps it less visible to others. Plus the black bags are constantly getting treats and fun stuff!


  • Thank you again to the generosity of families, tenants and others for the generous donations of money, treats and other items. We are ever so grateful to everyone.




On this Mother’s day weekend we give thanks and celebrate all Mom’s, aunties, grandmas and all those who are like a Mom to many!






~ Deb Veit, Executive Director