COVID-19 Update April 10, 2020

Weekly Coronavirus Update from Deb Veit, Executive Director

April 10, 2020



Dear Oak Meadows tenants and families,


As this Holy week comes to an end we look to Easter Sunday and new life.  We continue to feel very blessed to be able to say we are still free of any cases of COVID-19 in our building. We pray we can continue to keep everyone safe and healthy.


Governor Walz spoke on Wednesday and announced his decision to continue our Shelter in Place order until May 4th.  What that means for us at Oak Meadows is that we will continue to do exactly what we have been doing these past weeks.


No changes for us at this time.


  • Staff will continue to wear masks. Remember this does not mean anyone is sick. We are doing this to protect our tenants. We are not sick. We just want to put in place an additional level of protection for all of you. We will definitely notify you and your families if we were to develop a positive case of COVID at Oak Meadows.


  • Easter Sunday our dining room staff will be delivering a wonderful Easter dinner to all Pines tenants and all of those in the Ponds who have reserved a dinner. Pines tenants will also receive their box meal for evening at the same time. Staff will place that meal in your refrigerator.


  • Our channel 51 is working wonderfully. Be sure to check channel 2 for the schedule of movies, worship services, exercise and other fun stuff!


  • I cannot continue to stress enough how important it is to continue to shelter in place, restrict visitors and stay away from the public and public places. The better we do at this the sooner we will put an end to the spread of this virus.


  • If you are not feeling well, please call our receptionist immediately.


  • Thank you for all of the families who have been so generous donating items to put in all of your black bags. We are so grateful for your generosity.



Easter Blessings to each of you and thank you for all of your cooperation with our building policies during this challenging time. You are helping to protect not only yourself but everyone in Oak Meadows. I know it is a difficult sacrifice to not see your families but you are keeping so many people safe by Sheltering in Place.




~ Deb Veit, Executive Director




Make sure to check our website and our Facebook page for photos and videos of our time during Coronavirus.