COVID-19 Update March 31, 2020

Dear Oak Meadows tenants and families,


Hard to believe today is the last day of March.


Tomorrow is April Fool’s day! I am again happy to report that Oak Meadows is still free of any coronavirus cases. We are working hard to keep it that way and I truly appreciate how everyone continues to shelter in place and ask questions when you are uncertain of what you should or should not do.


At this point we continue to restrict all visitors to our building and encourage everyone to stay at home. But if you do need to go to a doctor appointment or other emergency make sure to stay 6 feet away from all people. Keep up the good work everyone!


We are excited to announce that we will be adding an internal TV station. It will be channel 51. We will be able to broadcast exercise each morning, worship services, movies and much more. In order for you to get this channel you will need to run a scan on your TV. Our maintenance team, Jeff and Jim will go around to all apartments to assist in making this happen beginning tomorrow. Once you have the channel watch for Megan’s updates on channel 2 for what will be scheduled on channel 51! We are very excited during this difficult time to offer this connection to each of you.


We will now have labels at the Pines entrance for your families to label all packages with your full name and apartment number on each bag. We are getting so many deliveries that we want to make sure everything gets delivered to the correct apartments and this will help make sure that happens.


Wednesday, April 1st is the 22nd Anniversary of Oak Meadows. To celebrate we are going to be coming to every apartment with hot dogs, chips and ice cream beginning at 11 am. Don’t worry everyone will get a hot dog!! Wear your MN Twins hats if you have one!!


Just a reminder we have volunteers just waiting to run to the store for you. We are also able to assist you in skyping with your families. Just call Megan to arrange either of these.


We prefer that you do not go out to stores as there are many people still going in to grocery and retail stores that are open. This exposes you to too many germs.


Sunday, April 5th begins Holy Week. Now that we have our channel 51 we will be able to broadcast our worship services.


Here is the schedule for Holy Week that you can tune in to on channel 51:


Sunday, April 5th Palm Sunday service at 10am by Deb Veit


Thursday, April 9th Maundy Thursday service at 10am by Chaplain Carol


Friday, April 10th Good Friday service at 10am by Chaplain Carol


Sunday, April 12th Easter worship service at 10am by Chaplain Carol



Thank you for all of the families who have been so generous donating items to put in all of your black bags. We are so grateful for their generosity. And thank you for your continuing to shelter in place.


~ Deb Veit, Executive Director