Intergenerational Team of Artists at Oak Meadows

Guided by Public Artist, Anne Krocak, teams of two, one senior team from Oak Meadows and one student team from Skyview Middle School, are creating a number personal and public art pieces to be permanently displayed at Oak Meadows and Skyview. The theme is “ducks” and has been named this after a duck that hatches her eggs in the courtyard at Skyview each year.


One senior is paired with one student.  They then work together to create pieces.  This week they drew, painted with watercolor and acrylic and molded clay…all into ducks.  Next week they will be working with cement and mosaic.  These cement ducks will then be placed in the courtyard and garden at Skyview and Oak Meadows.


A public reception will be held on August 4th, 2015, at Skyview, beginning at 5:00 p.m.  More info and photos to follow.


Make sure to check out our Facebook page (just click logo on homepage) to see many photos and videos of the week.  You do not have to join Facebook to view them.  Although we’d love if you did so you can like our page!




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