When to Make the Move to a Senior Living Community

Know you are making the right choice when moving yourself or a loved one into a senior living community.

Any move, at any age, brings a certain number of challenges. From packing and cleaning to saying goodbye to neighbors and friends, finding a new place to call home is a serious decision. When that new home could be a senior living community, you should take extra care in making a choice.

Today’s seniors have numerous options for living arrangements. Advances in home health care are even letting many people stay in their own houses. However, there are a number of factors that may indicate a senior living community like Oak Meadows is the best option.

Ask yourself if you or an older family member is experiencing any of the following:

Oak Meadows offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care living options

Oak Meadows provides a strong senior community and 24/7 home health care

• Feelings of isolation or loneliness
• Difficulty with home or yard upkeep
• Transportation challenges or hesitation driving
• Fear of a sudden medical emergency
• Lack of hobbies or social groups
• Dependence on family members for common activities
• Memory loss or symptoms of Alzheimer’s
• Decreased ability to take care of oneself

These are signs that moving may be the right choice. Communities such as Oak Meadows provide senior living services designed to meet all of these needs, from social activities and homecare to bus trips and daily living assistance.

Oak Meadows offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care living options, meaning that as your needs change, we’ll be there to provide continuous care. Whether you are looking for a strong senior community or 24/7 home health care, Oak Meadows may be right for you.

While moving will always be difficult, the benefits of a senior living community can make this season of your life rich and comfortable. To learn more, schedule a tour, or discuss your specific needs, speak to one of our dedicated staff members at (651) 578-0676 or info@oak-meadows.org. We look forward to meeting you!